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Gearment App Usage Instructions


Dashboard menu

On the dashboard, you have quick access to the following:
Shortcuts: Create propducts, Top-up, New order, Help center
Connect store
How do you want to fulfill your orders? helps you to quickly create an order by manually creating, via csv file, syncing orders from your store or using API
Gearment tips
Best seller products

Orders menu

All orders: show your order list, manage orders and follow order status, create/sync/import orders, filter and export data
See How To Create An Order?

Order at risk: show list of orders that contain at risk products
Check out what is variant at risk Order With Variation At Risk and How To Create Order With Variations At Risk

Issues: create an issue for an order
See how to create an order issue Instruction To Use Issue Ticket

Inventory: you can check stock status of an apparel product here

My Products menu

All products: to create a product on Gearment account and choose to sync it to your store for product listing. You can sync products directly to Etsy, Shopify or export products to excel file and upload on Amazon and Wordpress.
See how to Create Product Listing With Gearment

Mockups: to create your own mockup, please click on Create new mockup :

Filling in mockup information → Save your mockup

Design library menu

Show your all uploaded designs, search by file name

Export or upload new design files to the library

Delete uploaded design files

Note: Only PNG is supported up to a max file size of 200MB

Store menu

Connect your stores to Gearment app. See How To Connect Your Store To Gearment Portal?

Billing menu


Transactions history: manage your payment transactions including payout and deposit
Payment queues: manage orders that are waiting to pay

Billing methods

Add your Pay Pal or Payoneer account to Gearment to pay for orders.
Add Pay Pal
Add Payoneer

Legal info
Legal information includes your store address, store name or company name, phone number and email. We will show these information on the order invoices along with Gearment legal information and your order information.
See how to configure legal info

Return address
All Gearment accounts must be updated with a return address to continue fulfilling. The information updated for the return address must be in the US and be verified.
See how to Configure Return Address

Analytics menu

Follow and manage your account performance.

Logs menu

Sync orders: check your tracking number synchronization progress
Sync tracking: check your tracking number synchronization progress
Import orders: manage import order progress
Export orders: manage export order progress
Sync product: check your product synchronization status and sync log
Feed product: check your product export log or download your export file

Settings menu

General: update automation features
Profile: set up your personal information
Webhook & API infomation: get API key for intergrations with Gearment and create webhook to receive notification from Gearment app
Staff accounts: add and manaager your staff accounts
Shipping & delivery: set default shipping preferences
Gift message: create gift message for your stores
Config buy tracking: set up default time to add tracking number for your orders


Helpdesk: Find all products/orders information, how to set up your account, manage your account, artwork dimensions and all other information here.
Contact for support channel: Chat, Email or Open Issue

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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