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Order With Variation At Risk


During certain period of time, there may be a limited stock of apparels, requiring additional time for replenishment before they can be used to fulfill orders.

To check stock status in the menu Order → Inventory

Please note that the stock status is only shown for apparels, other products are in stock by default.

You can also check orders contain products at risk at menu Order → Order at risk

How can you know that an order with variations at risk has been created? read more

What is variation at risk?

A variant is considered as at risk when the stock is insufficient as demand and it needs extra time to be replenished in Gearment's warehouse.


Due to shortage and the increase in production cost have led to a overall shortage of apparels supply chain. Demand for some of products in some period of time will be high but the supply is insufficient and some products will be displayed as low stock or at risk.


Instead of completely locking these variants to reduce risk, Gearment tries to accompany customers through the peak season, so we will continue to look for stock and also update the actual situation so that customers can stay informed.
Products will be shown in 3 statuses: in stock, out of stock and at risk.

What Happens When An Order With The Variant At Risk

For orders with products on the Variation at risk list, Gearment can use substitutes of equivalent size and quality to print and deliver to the end buyer.
As the product is at low stock, processing time might be delayed for a few business days.
Sellers actively update order processing status on Gearment portal for appropriate solutions or choose other solutions, such as canceling and refunding orders, when necessary.
Gearment encourages you to always actively find the best alternative solutions if possible. We will try to provide the best customer support.

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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