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Create Product Listing With Gearment


By creating a product on your Gearment account, you can synchronize it with your store for product listing. You can choose to sync your products directly to Etsy or Shopify, or alternatively, export your products to an excel file and upload them to Amazon. Order Desk or WordPress.

To create new product, please follow these instructions:

Go to Product menu → choose All products → click on Create new product

Select product(s) for your design → Next

Upload design

Design must follow the standard artwork guidelines, find the artwork dimensions here

Sale price: the sales price of product
Compare as prices: the price for comparison with the sale price of a product, showcasing the discount or savings customers receive. Compare as prices is usually higher than the sale price.
Placements: the specific areas on the product where a design or print is positioned.

Select a file from your computer to update the design

Fill in the product information

Choose Preview products to check the information again and click on Complete or choose Star Over to re-start creating a new product

To sync products to Etsy, Shopbase and Shopify, your store must first be connected to the Gearment app. Then select the desired products → More ActionsSync products → Choose platform → Select store → Sync

See how to connect your store

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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