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Configure Return Address


Note: All Gearment accounts must be updated with a return address to continue fulfilling. The information updated for the return address must be in the US and be verified.

Go to: BillingReturn Address → click the button + Return Address

Apply default return address: Apply this return address configuration to stores in which the return address info is unavailable
Apply return address to store: Apply return address configuration to a chosen store
Apply configuration return address to store: Select store to apply this return address configuration.
Apply return address to all stores: Apply this return address configuration to all stores

Fill in required information, skip as if it states optional

Click Create to finish

Return address configured successfully

Edit return address

Notice: All accounts with an updated return address with Gearment address must commit not to violate Gearment policy regarding trademarks or copyrights. Otherwise, all orders of that account will be marked on hold and will not be fulfilled. Depending on the level of violation, the account can be deactivated.

Updated on: 06/14/2023

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