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Order Desk Intergration On Gearment


Order Desk is a hosted order management system that allows you to integrate your store's workflow with many other third-party providers. You can sync your orders from Order Desk to Gearment for order fulfillment.

Connect your Order Desk store to Gearment

Go to menu Store Connect Store → choose Order Desk → Next

Fill in the required information

To get OrderDesk API Key click Quick guide Get API Key to download the instructions
To get OrderDesk Folder ID click Quick guide Get Folder ID to download the instructions

Intergrate Gearment on your Order Desk store

Go to Manage Intergrations → search for Gearment Enable

Fill in API key and API signature

To get API key and API signature, login to Your Gearment account → Setting Sales → Channels → click the hidden button to show the API key and signature

Create inventory on Order Desk

You can manually create inventory on Order Desk; go to Inventory ItemsAdd Print on Demand → Fill in the information

You can import products to Order Desk inventory

Select Import data → Add New Import Template

Name your template → select Inventory Items → upload file → Upload sample file

Upload file inventory

Sync order to Gearment

Manually select Gearment to sync order

Create new rules to automatically send orders to fulfillment center: Rule builder → New ruleOrder rule

Select The Event That Will Trigger This Rule

Choose action Submit order to Gearment

Name your rule and Save

Create webhook to receive order notification

Go to Manage Intergrations → Set up

Copy the webhook URL

In your Gearment account, go to Setting → Sales Channels → Webhook → Create webhook

Fill in the required information → paste the webhook URL copied from Order Desk on delivery URL

Updated on: 07/13/2023

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