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Gift Message Configuration


Everyone will feel appreciated when receiving a personalized gift message within their orders. By grasping this customer’s behavior, sellers can build brand loyalty and boost sales with the Configuration Gift Message feature on Gearment app.

Why should we use gift cards?
Allow you to send shoppers: thank you cards, promotion vouchers, or flyers. etc.
Customize with your brand logo to be more unique rather than using templates
Leverage giant platforms’ reputations to reach potential customers by this free form of marketing as the cards include your logo & website link
Affordable fee: $0.49/gift card/order

Gearment Gift Message Configuration Guidelines

Settings → Gift message → Create gift message

Option 1: Only orders created with a message note will be shipped with a gift card. To configure, see the instruction below:

Apply configuration gift message for store: choose store you want to configure gift message
Apply for all stores: apply gift message configuration for all of your stores on Gearment app.
Choose background-color and text-color
Upload your store’s default logo design. File must be in PNG format and the background color of your choice, file size is 1200×1200 pixel (150dpi)
Demo Message Display: Demonstrate where the text will display on the gift card. See preview on the left side.

Option 2: Sellers configure gift message for promotion/coupon/marketing target in a specific period of time

Sellers follow the above steps in Option 1 and set a period of time to apply the gift message
Active this configuration and save gift message

When you set the period time for gift message, all orders synced to Gearment app will be automatically charged $0.49 extra per order. For orders containing a gift message, the message will be printed altogether with the promotion in one card.

Gift message configured successfully


For importing orders by csv file, name your file the same as your store name because your gift message configuration will be linked to this store
You can only auto-sync gift messages of orders from stores on Etsy. Orders from stores on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Shopbase, etc, please add messages manually to orders
Three ways to add/edit gift message manually:
Create order → gift message
Order → match order → gift message
Click to order ID to see order details → gift message
Quick gift message preview for a specific order:
All order → quick view (see under the order ID)

By just a few steps, orders including Gift Messages will be automatically synchronized with orders in just a minute at a friendly cost

Updated on: 10/19/2023

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