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Instruction To Use Issue Ticket


If your order hasn't been printed yet and you need to urgently cancel it, please create an issue ticket. This will temporarily stop the printing and shipping process, and our support team will get back to you promptly.

If you need help with your orders, below are some channels you can reach out to our support:
Create an issue ticket on Gearment app
Contact admin on Facebook Page
Contact support via Chatbox

Of three options, Gearment highly recommends sellers to create an issue ticket on Gearment app or contact support via chatbox.

1. What is an issue ticket?

Issue ticket is where sellers send replace or refund requests for an order.

2. What are the advantages of creating an issue ticket?

Monitor your order issues more systematically
Be able to export issue reports
Hold-on the order in case of emergency if the order is not printed yet
Easily feedback and rate the quality of customer service and products when issue completed

How to create ticket issue on Gearment app

Method A:

Select order → More Actions → Create issues

Fill in the required information

List of order name: You can create multiple issue tickets at one time
Order name: Order ID on your store
Order ID: Gearment’s order ID
Issue type: Choose order’s issue
Effected item: The number of defective products
Priority: Issue handling priority
Solution: Choose refund or replace for your order
Link: Provide the image of defective products
Issue description: Describe order’s issue

Note: Please describe accurately the issue of order

For example: If the mug is damaged due to the shipping problem, seller should ask the customer for providing the image of the damaged mug and the link of image.

Method B:
In menu Order → Issues → Create Issues

Fill in the required information

If the order has successfully created an issue and the status has changed to Opening, you will not be able to create a new issue for the same order.
You can update the issue information when the order issue status is Processing.
If the order has been marked as completed, it is not possible to create an issue with the reason Cancel by buyer.

Updated on: 12/25/2023

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