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How To Create An Order?


There are four methods to create an order on Gearment app

1. Synchronize order

Automatically synchronize order: Connect your store to Gearment application and turn on the Auto Sync Order to automatically synchronize orders from your store to Gearment app. Orders will be added every 8 hours.

To connect your store, go to Store menu and click to add your store. See more details: How To Connect Your Store To Gearment?

Manually synchronize order:
Go to menu OrderAll ordersCreate new orderSync orderChoose platformSelect time (in US time zone) and StoreSync order

Go to LogsSync order to follow if the orders are successfully and continuously synchronized to Gearment app

2. Import order via csv file

Go to menu OrderAll ordersImport order → Select store → Download Sample file → Fill in required information → Upload file on Gearment → Import order
We recommend you to use the first File Order Gearment to import. This template can be used for all types of platform.

Go to LogsImport orders to follow if the orders are successfully imported to Gearment app

Please note: When placing orders with more than 2 units, the order ID must be the same to group into a single order.


3. Create an order manually

There are two ways to create order manually:

Click New order shortcut on Dashboard tab

Go to menu OrderAll ordersCreate new order → Choose Manual order

4. Create an order using API:
You can find all documents about API at

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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