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There are 2 methods to create a FBA shipment on Amazon

Note: Please be aware that total quantity in one box is unchanged and the number of boxes for one shipment is unlimited, see below details:
- Pet bowl: 15 items/box
- Couple mug & Lover mug set: 9 sets/box
- Other products (including shirt): 30 items/box
FBA order for pillow products DO NOT include the inserts, cover only.

Method 1: For sellers who want to fully sell FBA

Step 1: Go to Manage Inventory → choose ASIN number of listing product → Click “Edit” → Choose “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon”

Step 2:
Choose “Accept label service” → Click “Review selection”

Then, click “Convert & Send Inventory”

Step 3:
Click “Select an address” to enter “Ship-from” address
Note: Curved tumbler 20oz will be printed and picked up at Texas warehouse. Other products will be processed at California warehouse.

The “ship from” information is Gearment warehouse’s address: Gearment has two warehouses, one in California and one in Texas. Depending on products and different seasons, FBA orders can be processed at different warehouses. Seller can contact support before creating shipments on Amazon to choose the correct address to be printed on shipping label.
California warehouse: 14801 Able Ln, Ste 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
Texas warehouse: 12501 Cardinal Meadow Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77478
, United States
Sellers fill “Company name, full name, phone number, and email address” following the information in account Amazon seller central → click “Add contact”

Click “Select” to choose a ship-from address

Step 4:
In “Packing details” section → choose “Case-packed template”
See the packaging dimensions: here

Name for the packing template to manage and enter the dimensions for a packing including 30 items → Save

Then, a notification shown below → Seller click the notification to update the missing information.

Update dimensions for 1 item → Save

Click here for product dimension and weight

Note: For posters, FBA Amazon restricts the maximum dimension to 25x25x25 inches. Click here for more information about shipping and routing requirements
Contact Amazon via email for oversized shipments. Click here to refer to the email template.
*Click the notification

Choose saved template and update the quantity of boxes and units to send to FBA (maximum 30 item in 1 box) → Click “Ready to send”

Choose “Print SKU labels” → Choose “US Letter” format for template → Enter the quantity of barcodes. The quantity of barcodes equals to the quantity of units → Click “Prints”

The new tab including 30 barcodes has been automatically popped up → Seller remember to save this barcode file for uploading on Gearment app whenever creating an order.

Step 5:
In “Ship date” section: enter the pick up date (usually add 7 days on shipment creation date) → Select “Small Parcel Delivery” → Choose UPS (Amazon Partner Carrier) as shipping carrier.

Accept charges and confirm shipping
The inventory will be stored in Amazon’s warehouse in Moreno Valley, California, US → Click “Accept charges and confirm shipping.

Step 6:
Choose “US letter” format for print box label → Print → A shipping label file has been automatically popped up → Seller remember to save this barcode file for uploading on Gearment app whenever creating an order.

Review file shipping label

Click “View tracking details” to review the shipment information

Click “Go to shipping queue” to finish

Method 2: For sellers who want to sell FBA and FBM for this ASIN

Step 1: Go to Manage Inventory → copy ASIN of listed products

Step 2: Go to “Tab Inventory” → choose “Manage FBA Inventory” → Click “Add a product” → fill in ASIN into the searching box

Step 3: Choose “New” → Click “Sell this product”
Step 4: Fill all required information → Choose “Save and Finish”

Back to step 1 of method 2 and follow these steps in the method 1

Create FBA order on Gearment app

Note: each FBA box includes one ASIN ONLY

Step 1: Go to menu Order → All orders → Create new order → Label order → Amazon

Step 2: Uploading shipping label (package shipping label) → sellers update shipping label file which includes the warehouse address and the tracking number

Step 3:
Update product information: product name, color, size, quantity, print type, and design
Upload barcodes file exported from Amazon as guided on section I
Select Create

Sellers match product, approve and payment as usual. See how to match, approve and pay order here

Step 4: After your payment is successfully processed, Gearment will begin to process your order. Once the order is completed, Amazon will arrive at the Gearment warehouse to collect it and ship to Amazon warehouse.

Updated on: 03/18/2024

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