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Unverified Addresses


When you create an order, the address input will be automatically verified based on the address format. If the required information is filled in, the address can be verified and proceeded to further steps.

Please ensure that the address is valid by checking on or

If all required information are all filled in and it says address unverified, you can follow the instructions below:
Double-check the whole address. You can check the address via Google Map or Google search above
In case it all shows that the address is valid, you can manually verify the address on Gearment app
Go to All orders → Order detail → Click edit Shipping Information → Click Save and verify address button.

You will receive a notification confirming that the address has been saved successfully.

In case your address can not be verified, you need to edit the correctly address.

If you confirm and request to ship to the original address, you can choose Mark as valid

After marking the address as valid, you can proceed to other actions such as: match product → approve order → payment order

Updated on: 07/27/2023

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