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Order Refunded


Once an issue occurs, you can require a solution of replacement or refund. If the order is canceled and refunded, the refund will be transferred to your Gearment wallet.

Method A:

You can check the refund transaction in the order details by clicking View transaction

Method B:

You can copy the refund transaction and search in Billing → Payment → Search Transaction ID

Deposit: The process of adding funds to your G-Wallet account. This allows you to have a balance available for making payments and purchases within the Gearment app.
Payout: A payment of order.
Refund: The process of returning funds from a completed transaction or order back to your G-Wallet account. This typically occurs when a refund request is approved, and the refunded amount is credited back to your G-Wallet balance for future use.

Updated on: 06/22/2023

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