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On-hold Orders


The order is marked on-hold when it cannot be fulfilled. You can check some of the reasons below for more information.

Product issues
The design file is incorrect
Update product style/size/color
The color of material is the same as the design color

Address issues
Address information is incorrect/Error buy tracking
Update shipping service
Update shipping label
Update gift message

Another reasons
On-hold as customer request
The order information violates trademark and copyrights policies

How to resolve these errors?

To check on-hold orders, please go to menu Order → All orders → On-hold

Orders cannot be shipped because of incorrect product information

Select the order ID → More actions → Match product → edit order information → Save

Please note that your order will be moved to the production after approximately 15 minutes since you edit the order information.

Orders cannot be shipped because of incorrect address information

Click the order to see the order details → select edit address → Save & Verify Address

Address-related issues typically involve the following:
Limited address information: limited address line 1/customer name/phone number
Incorrect zipcode/state
Missing zipcode/state3.

Another reasons
On-hold as customer request: The status is currently on-hold as your request. This action will remain pending until you confirm to proceed the order.
The order information violates trademark and copyright policies: This occurs when you use Gearment's addresses as your return address.
The system scans all your designs, and if any are found to be related to trademark infringements, the order will be placed on-hold and cannot be fulfilled.
To ensure the order can be processed, please go to menu Return Address and update it with the new address. Once you have updated the address, the system will automatically resume processing your order. See How to configure your return address

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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