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Order Status


Since the order is created on the system until it is completed and shipped, the order can show status as below:
Pending: the order cannot be processed and need to complete all actions: match product, approve and payment
In-production: the order has been in production
On-hold: errors occur, they can be incorrect design, incorrect address, etc. The order cannot be processed unless you update order’s information. To edit the order’s information, you will select the order → More actions → Match product → update the order's information → Save
Completed: the order is completed and shipped out

Orders are sorted and shown in separated tabs which are all orders, pending, processing, on-hold, completed, canceled, order matched, order unmatched, order shipping and last updated. You can follow and control order production progress by checking these tabs. This will help you to manage your order easier and take action immediately in case any error occurs.

Updated on: 07/27/2023

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