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Wordpress Intergration On Gearment


Wordpress is one of the most common-used web content management system that many sellers use it to create an online selling store. You can easily connect your Wordpress store to Gearment to synchronize your orders and then get the tracking numbers from Gearment synced back to your store.

Connect your store

Go to menu StoreConnect Store → choose Woocommerce → Next

Fill in the required information

To get the Customer Key and Consumer Secret, click Quick guide get API key to download the instructions

Turn on auto sync order and active store then select connect store to finish

Import products to Wordpress

You can manually create product listing on Wordpress or import products using product file exported from Gearment.

In your Wordpress store, install plug-in Gearment flatsome

In your Gearment account, go to menu Product → select your products → More actionsExport productsWordpress plugin via CSVExport → download product file sent to your email

Go back to plugin Gearment Flatsome in your Wordpress store → select ImportUpload CSV → choose file → Continue

###Sync orders to Gearment

Copy link webhook under store domain connected

In your Wordpress store → go to Setting Advanced Add webhook

Fill in the required information and paste link webhook to Delivery URL

Sync tracking numbers from Gearment to your Wordpress store

Install plugin Shipment tracking for your Wordpress store

Updated on: 07/13/2023

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