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Sometimes your customer cannot receive their package. This can happen for some reasons below:
Delay occurs while the package is in transit
Package held at the post office as it cannot be delivered to the desired address or addressee moves to another address
Package is on the wrong delivery routine
Package delivered but there is no hint where it is located
The original address is incorrect or insufficient

In such situation, you can advise your customer to contact the local post office or contact the shipping carrier.

1. Local post office

Find the post office with the zip code in the address in your order.
You can check the PO list here

2. Carrier contacts

UPS contact: 1-888-742-5877
USPS contact: 1-800-222-1811
FedEx contact: 1.800.463.3339
DHL contact: here

Please be aware that for internationally shipped orders handled by DHL, the contact number will vary depending on the country. To find the appropriate contact number, you can perform a search using the format DHL contact number + country name.

Updated on: 08/10/2023

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