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Customs, duty charges and sales tax may be applicable depending on the country of origin, size, weight and/or value of your order. Some countries may require import tax, duties and customs fees for the imports. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the Customs office of the buyer's country. There might also be delays in delivery times due to customs checks which are out of our control.
All taxes, duties, and customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient. You need to bear in mind these charges and set up appropriate selling prices on your store. Taxes will be directly charged on Gearment orders.
Orders shipped in California, sales tax is 8.75% of sub-total cost, not include shipping fee
Orders shipped to Europe or the United Kingdom, taxes differ from each country

For orders shipped to Europe or the United Kingdom, if the buyer already pays for sales tax when they order on your store, usually buyers on Amazon and Etsy, you will be provided with an IOSS number/tax number and the value of the order by Amazon or Etsy. Use this information to update on Gearment order then you do not have to pay tax for Gearment order anymore.

Include your IOSS number/Tax number in your order

To add IOSS or tax number into order, go to the order details → choose to edit address → update information.
For orders shipped to the United Kingdom: you MUST update in both required information of Tax number & Order tax value (Unit: $)
For orders shipped to Europe: you MUST update in both required information of IOSS number & Order value (Unit: €)

If either of the essential pieces of information is omitted, the customs or delivery agents reserve the right to impose additional sales tax on the order during the delivery to the final buyer.

Updated on: 01/26/2024

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