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How Shipping Fee Is Calculated For An Order


Shipping costs can be found here

1. Order with only 1 unit:

The shipping fee will be charged based on the shipping service chosen.

Eg: If you order one mug and choose the standard shipping service, the shipping fee will be charged as below:

2. Orders with 2 or more units:

If the order has 2 or more units, shipping fee will be charged as below:

All units in the same category:
Additional shipping fee will be applied from the 2nd unit onwards

Eg 1: The order includes three posters, size 8x12 inches.

Eg 2: The order includes three mugs, the same category but different sizes and colors. The mug with the highest shipping price will be counted as the first unit, the other two mugs will be charged with additional shipping fees.

Units in different categories
When the units are not in the same category, the shipping fee will be charged individually for each unit.

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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