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How to set up a TikTok Shop warehouse/pickup address?

What is Multi-warehouse Feature?

Multi-warehouse (MWH) is a warehouse management tool in TikTok Shop Seller Center which allows sellers to manage up to 20 warehouses to help sellers fulfill their orders. This feature will enable sellers to fulfill orders more efficiently, and at the same time reduce shipping costs and shorten delivery lead time.

How to Create a new Multi-Warehouse

Add a warehouse
You can set at most 20 Pickup Warehouse addresses and 1 Return Warehouse address.
From your TikTok Seller Center, click on My Account > Account Settings > Warehouse Settings

Fill in the Warehouse Name, Contact Person, Phone Number, Street Address
Set Shipping Regions, which are the places where this warehouse is able to ship to.
Note: You can set it to either multiple regions or the whole country; You can set the same Shipping Regions for different warehouses.

Edit a warehouse
You can edit an address, but you are not allowed to delete a warehouse address now.

Set Default warehouse
What is a default warehouse?
When you add a new product, it will be automatically assigned to the default warehouse. You can manually add more locations if you have multiple warehouses

Choose your default warehouse and you'll see a tag on the selected warehouse.

Gearment warehouse

You can include both warehouse addresses for Gearment at:
California warehouse: 14801 Able Ln, Ste 102 Huntington Beach, CA, 92647, US
Texas warehouse: 12501 Cardinal Meadow Dr, Sugar Land, TX, 77478, US

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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