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Install A Mailbox To Receive Your Order


On occasions, delivery might not be feasible due to the absence of a mailbox. To ensure successful package reception, your end customer is advised to arrange for a mailbox installation at their house.

I. Why do we need a mailbox?

There isn’t a legal requirement that says you have to have a mailbox on your property. This means that you won’t get in trouble for not having a mailbox.

If there isn’t a mailbox, the mail will simply be returned to the post office. You’ll need to travel to your local post office to get your letters or packages.
You might receive a notification on your door letting you know that you have mail to be picked up. First-class mail can be picked up at the post office for a certain period of time.
If you don’t go pick it up in time, the mail will be returned to the sender. Post office workers won’t simply leave the mail at your doorstep nor will they typically knock on your door to hand you the mail personally in most situations.

It’s truly best to have a mailbox or some type of mail slot on your door. Otherwise, you might have a hard time receiving your mail.

II. How do I install a mailbox? Is there any other way to receive my mails other than a mailbox?

There are specific instructions on how to install a mailbox on your curbside. See more at:

Moreover, you can also install Door Slots & Wall Mailboxes as a way for postmasters to drop mail for you more easily.

What are conditions and events that may prevent delivery of mail? See more at: Undeliverable Package

Updated on: 01/25/2024

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