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Failed Payment


When you cannot pay your orders, please ensure you have completed all of the below steps:

A default payment method is already selected. Add a payment method
Your balance is sufficient for payment.
Legal information on your Gearment account is updated. If this information has not been updated, you can follow the instruction at: Update legal info
Return address is updated. If not, please follow the instructions at: Configure return address
The order has been matched, and approved and the address is verified. Match and approve orders

You can set auto payment or pay the orders manually.

1. Auto payment setting

To set auto payment, please go to SettingGeneralturn on Auto payment order. If you set auto payment, you cannot choose to pay orders manually. The orders will automatically be charged every 4 hours.

2. Manual payment setting

Choose Order ID → Click on More actions → Choose Make payment

Account set up with auto payment cannot make manual payment.

Updated on: 10/20/2023

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