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View Order Invoice


When your order is successfully paid, refunded or you top up to G-wallet, an invoice will be created. To see the transaction details, please follow below instructions.

You can find the transaction ID by searching for the order ID in menu Payments

Deposit: The process of returning funds from a completed transaction or order back to your G-Wallet account. This typically occurs when a refund request is approved, and the refunded amount is credited back to your G-Wallet balance for future use.
Payout: A payment of order.

Note: Your store information shown on the invoice is the information you fill in when you configure the legal information of the payment method. See how to configure the legal info

View refund transactions

To view refund transaction for an order, you can follow the above instructions or go to the order details.

An Invoice sample:

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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