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View Order Invoice


When your order is successfully paid, an invoice will be added for that order. There are two ways to view and download the invoice for your order.

View invoice in the order detail

Click the order ID to view order detail → Click "View invoice"

View invoice in Payment menu

Billing → Transactions → Search Set up your filter (transaction code, time or transaction type) → Search → Detail → View Invoice → Print (if you would like to print the invoice)

There are three transaction types:
Payment: transactions created when you pay for an order to fulfill
Deposit: transactions created when you deposit an amount to your Gearment wallet. See how to top up?
Refund: transactions created when we refund an amount to your Gearment wallet if an order is issued and request for a refund

Your store information shown on the invoice is the information you fill in when you configure the billing info. See how to configure the billing info

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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