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How To Create An Order?


After create an order, please follow these steps to push your order into production here

There are four methods to create an order on Gearment application:

1. Synchronize order:
Automatically synchronize order: Connect your store to Gearment application and turn on the “Auto Sync Order” to automatically synchronize orders from your store to Gearment portal. Orders will be added every 8 hours. To connect your store, go to Store menu and click to add your store. See more details: How To Connect Your Store To Gearment?

Go to “Report Sync Order” to follow if the orders are successfully and continuously synchronized to Gearment portal

2. Manually synchronize order:

Order → All order → Sync order → Select platform → Select period (in US time zone) and store → Sync order

3. Import order via csv file:
Go to menu Order → All order → Import order → Download Gearment Template File → Fill in required information → Import that file into Gearment portal.

Go to “Order Import Progress” tab to follow if the orders are successfully imported to Gearment portal

4. Create an order manually:
Go to Order → All order → Create an order → Create manual order → Fill in the required information → Save

5. Create an order using API:
You can find all documents about API at

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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