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How To Create An Order?


There are four methods to create an order on Gearment application:

1. Synchronize order:
Automatically synchronize order: Connect your store to Gearment application and turn on the “Auto Sync Order” to automatically synchronize orders from your store to Gearment portal. Orders will be added every 8 hours. To connect your store, go to Store menu and click to add your store. See more details: How To Connect Your Store To Gearment?

Go to “Report Sync Order” to follow if the orders are successfully and continuously synchronized to Gearment portal

2. Manually synchronize order:

Order → All order → Sync order → Select platform → Select period (in US time zone) and store → Sync order

3. Import order via csv file:
Go to menu Order → All order → Import order → Download Gearment Template File → Fill in required information → Import that file into Gearment portal.

Go to “Order Import Progress” tab to follow if the orders are successfully imported to Gearment portal

4. Create an order manually:
Go to Order → All order → Create an order → Create manual order → Fill in the required information → Save

5. Create an order using API:
You can find all documents about API at

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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