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How To Connect Your Shopify Store To Gearment App?

How To Connect Your Shopify Store To Gearment App?

Step 1: Create your Shopify account

Head over to and create an account if you don’t have one yet. Shopify offers 14 days free trial and no credit card is required for those who want to explore the market before officially jumping into. By entering your email and clicking “Start free trial,”, you can start your own Shopify business.

Set up your store
When you start, you’ll be prompted to enter:
Your store name, which will become your default URL (e.g.,
Fill store information
Set up languages, billing, and shipping
Choose theme, logo and slideshow for your store
Set up menu bar and navigation bar

Step 2: Connect your Shopify store to Gearment
Method A:
Go to admin page on your Shopify store → search "Gearment"

Click "Gearment Fulfillment" → Click "Add app" to connect your Shopify store to Gearment app

Click "Install app" to confirm the installation

Enter your store’s name

Method B
Go to store page on your Gearment app → choose "Connect to Shopify

Click "Add app" → Click "Install app" to confirm the installation

Step 3: Create your product and sync to Shopify store
Click “Create product” → Choose product → Fill in product details

Choose product → Select “sync product”

Choose platform and store → Click “ Continue”

Product synchronized successfully on your Shopify store

Step 4: Sync orders from your Shopify store to Gearment app

Click to the "Order → All order" to sync orders → Fill in the form and click "Sync order → Click to the "Sync order" button

Step 5: Match product

Select the order → action → match product to match product

Fill in the product information and upload design → Choose “Save”

Step 6: Order payment

Select the order → Click “action” → Payment Order to pay orders

Note: 24hr after your successful payment, the tracking number will be automatically updated on the Gearment order tab and synchronized to your merchant shopify.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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