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Gearment Portal Usage Instructions


I. Products

Create product: create a product on Gearment account and choose to sync it to your store for product listing. You can sync products directly to Etsy, Shopify or export products to excel file and upload on Amazon and Wordpress.
All products: list of all products created
Mockup management: create a product mockup
Product sync report: check your product synchronization status and sync log
Export feed product: check your product export log or download your export file
Data feed configuration: create a feed form to listing on Amazon

II. Orders

All order: show your order list, manage orders and follow order status, create/sync/import orders, filter and export data
All order deleted: show list of deleted orders
All order at risk: show list of orders that contain at risk products. Check out what is variant at risk here
Order items removed: item(s) removed in an order, you can roll back the removed item(s) here
Tracking management: manage tracking information
Order issue: create an issue for an order. See how to create an order issue here
Report of product sell: manage your product information
Report sync orders: check your order synchronization progress
Report sync tracking: check your tracking number synchronization progress
Order import progress: manage import order progress
Order export progress: manage export order progress
Stock status: check stock of apparel products

III. Store

Store: connect your store

IV. Billing

Top-up: create top-up request to fund into your G-Wallet
Payment methods: update or change your payment gateway
Transactions: manage your payment transactions
Payment queues: manage orders that are waiting to pay

V. Setting

General setting: update automation features, billing information, API Credentials, Config return address, Default shipping preferences, Config buy tracking
Staff account: add a secondary email to manage your orders. See how to add your staff account to manage your orders here

VI. Helpdesk

Find all products/orders information, how to set up your account, manage your account, artwork dimensions and all other information here.

Updated on: 08/01/2023

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