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Creating A Listing On Amazon


On Gearment portal, you can export an excel file including product information to list on your Amazon store

Before creating a listing on Amazon, ensure that Your brand name is approved by Amazon and you also have the GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) such as UPC, EAN or JAN for your products.

In case your products do not have any GTIN and you would like to apply for a GTIN exemption, the instructions below may help! Please be aware that these instructions are best-fit for Print-on-Demand products
Include a clear image of your brand name and logo on your printed product. You can add other details to print, this is optional, but the logo and brand name is compulsory.
Use the form below to apply for a brand approval on Amazon

Email to Amazon support team, including the application form and product images
Once you have the approval for GTIN exemption, you can start creating a listing with that product

Note: If you have products in different categories, you will need to submit a separate request for GTIN exemption for each product.

Start to create your listing

For main steps you need to follow when you are want to create a listing on Amazon:
Create product on Gearment account → Create a feed form → Choose the product applied to that feed form → Export product and use exported file to import on Amazon

Creating a product

Click Create Product

Choose your product

Fill in the information

Set up the selling price and upload the design.
- Sale price: refers to the actual price that customers will pay
- Compare as price: original price before discount
- Design must follow the artwork dimensions for each type of product. See artwork dimensions

Products will be listed in Product menu

Create a feed form

Click Data Feed ConfigurationAdd Amazon

Download the template from Amazon for your information
Inventory → Add product via upload → Download an inventory file → Search for your product → Generate template

Template T-shirt Demo downloaded from Amazon here . This template can be updated, we recommend you to download the latest version on Amazon.

Customize Field
As the template used to feed on Amazon will be updated regularly, we recommend you to keep updating the latest template before you create the feed form. When new values are required by Amazon, you can add that field in this Customize Field area. Local Label Name, Field Name and Value, you can find at sheet Valid Values in the template downloaded from Amazon.

Example customized field for Home & Kitchen category

Example customized field for Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry category

Form added

Export the feed form

Go back to Product Select the product → Choose Data Feed Amazon

Select the feed form, style, color and size. The form will be exported and sent to your registered email. If you want to export to another email, click Change email address to receive the file export and fill in the new email address.

Check your email (inbox, spam, junk mail), download the file, save as .xlsx

Upload on Amazon

On your Amazon store, choose Inventory → Add product via upload → Upload your inventory file
Follow if there is any error occurs, if yes, Amazon will give out a report file for you to check and update correct values

Tips: You can contact our support if you cannot find out what the problem is with the feed file. Just chat with our support!

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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