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Can I Delete Or Cancel An Order?


In case you need to cancel or update order information urgently but the support team is offline, you can create an order issue and choose the reason for issue is "cancel by buyer". See How To Create An Issue Ticket For Your Order. If the order is not printed yet, it will be set on-hold and the production will temporarily paused unless you update any information.

If the order is unpaid and unapproved, you can select the order and delete it.

If the order is approved, paid and is in in-production status, you can contact our support via chat box, Facebook page or create an issue ticket for the order. Support team will check and cancel the order if it is not produced yet. See How To Create An Issue Ticket For Your Order
Orders that are completed cannot be canceled or deleted. All orders that are deleted will be in the menu All order deleted.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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